I don't own a video camera. Where can I get one?
You don't need a professional camera to make a film. Although the judges will be looking at cinematographic ability and quality, you can still make a quality film without a thousand dollar video camera. Consider borrowing a camera from a friend. If you're a student in Education, you can ask to borrow a camera from the department. If you're a student in Art + Design, well you're in a nice position, because you can check out anything from the window. Some departments and organizations will let you borrow a camera and the undergraduate library has flip cameras available for use at HD quality. If you'd like suggestions for how to get a hold of cameras, software downloads, etc. you can also contact local film groups for suggestions:
  • Illini Film and Video (IFV)
  • Champaign Movie Makers
  • Shatterglass Studios

What do you mean by "feminist?"
Feminism, or womanism, means a lot of things to a lot of different people. There are all kinds of feminism! (Second wave, third wave, postfeminism, anarchafemimism, womanism, black feminist thought, etc.) Think about what feminism means to you. And look at what we compiled together as "feminist" submission guidelines under the "Submission Requirements" tab. 

Where do I submit my film?
Women's Resources Center
703 S. Wright St.,  2nd Floor
Champaign, IL. 61820

How can I find more group members?
There are lots of places to look on campus for a film crew! None of you have to be experts, but you should find people who will share your vision. The film you submit should reflect the vision you and your group share. Stop motion, claymation, live action, music video, cartoons, documentary, fiction, etc. It doesn't matter so long as it's yours! Consider posting an advertisement on one of the posting boards around campus or in the downtown areas. If you're an LAS student, consider using LAS Chalk, the LAS newsletter. You can also make postings on Craigslist Chambana or use a social networking website like Facebook or Twitter to locate some like-minded folks! And make sure to look to your friends-sometimes the crew is right under your nose!

Um, can men submit films? Is this something just for women?
Yes, men can submit films! It's a common misconception that women's centers are spaces for women only, but in reality women's centers and other identity-specific cultural centers exist for everyone. Just as men and people of all genders can be feminist, they can make "feminist" films!